How To Make Strategic Content To Monetize Your Passion

As always, GaryVee recently dropped a video on how to strategize content creation and how to monetize from it.

I watched one of Gary V’s 4D’s videos and was blown away by the incredible takeaways. I jotted some notes down on things struck me and will absolutely implement when thinking about marketing and content creation.

Storytelling is Your Secret Weapon:

Tell your business story – be vulnerable, be open and don’t be scared of big people stealing your stuff, they’re slow. Also share the nitty gritty, the behind the scenes of you and your team hustling hard because it’s what people want to see, and what they connect with most.


If you want to monetize, you have to make an insane amount of content. It sounds daunting, but what’s great about this is you’re human and you’re multifaceted. When posting about different content and types of content, just be strategic. Strong content is key, no exceptions. For example, use interesting titles called click magnets to catch the audiences attention – “What Fly Fishing Taught Me About Business.”

Resurrected Content?:

Ever love a piece of content that flopped? All good – if that content didn’t do well, give it a glow up. Change the title, create a new thumbnail, and repost it in a few weeks or months down the line.

MrBeast himself reportedly dropped $100k on thumbnails – that’s dedication!

Unsubscribe Follow-up

If you want to level up and be badass – Call every person that’s ever unsubscribed from your content and ask! Record the interaction, post it – transparent content is educational, audacious, and fun to watch.

Green Screen Magic: Level Up Your Content Game

Greenscreen filter is a new trend content creators are using. Use the filter to review articles, add your commentary – it’s quick, fantastic, and a fun new twist.

Stay consistent:

Posting more often, not just once a week. Consistency is key to building an audience and growing your community. You can’t do that with infrequent posting.

Lean in:

Don’t know what content to make or style to use? Lean into what you’re good at. If you’re good at video – Lean into video and get it transcribed easily. This is how GV wrote all of his books. Fun fact: Gary Vee wrote his books by saying his transcript aloud – he leaned into his greatness.

Be Authentic:

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions, even if they change over time. New data, new experiences – it’s all part of the journey. Science evolves, and guess what? So can your opinions, and so can your content. We’re humans. Plus no ones going to remember you did 9 different videos on 9 different things, just make more content.

Paid ads:

Run ads to maximize exposure as soon as you see your content going viral – strike while the iron is hot.


Gary V suggests focusing on platforms like LinkedIn instead of TikTok for companies that are B2B

My pushback on this GaryVee point, I’ve recently have seen on TikTok that top comments on viral videos are from social media accounts of big brands!

YouTube Shorts might be new and a little rough around the edges, but don’t underestimate its potential. Pro tip: Title your videos with search intent in mind – YouTube is the second biggest search engine for a reason. Ex: if you have a light video on filing taxes, title it “how to file your taxes for 2023” because it will come up on searches. Very powerful tool!

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