Hey! I’m Ayan!

I’m a mom, registered nurse, entrepreneur + artist. I co-founded Navi Nurses, the uber for nurses, a 7-figure start-up + recipient of a $1.5 million dollar American Nurses Foundation grant in Phoenix, Arizona while working as a bedside registered nurse at Mayo Clinic.

As a second career registered nurse with a pension for entrepreneurship, I’ve learned a lot! I use this website to document successes + failures in entrepreneurship, parenting, book summaries + reflections, & most importantly, to connect with + empower people.

registered nurse entrepreneur

My last bedside nursing shift at a hospital was June 5th, 2021 and most recently in 2023, I have officially stepped down as Chief Operating Officer from my startup Navi Nurses to focus on my family and explore other interests. Please join me in my next chapter!

What I’m working on

  1. 👩‍⚕️ I’m a registered nurse in Phoenix, Arizona. I studied Psychology at Arizona State University and graduated with my Master’s in Nursing at the University of Arizona in 2016. 
  2. ✍️ On this website I write articles about entrepreneurship, parenting, and provide my take on life advice that I’ve found helpful over the years, as well as sharing my favorites resources, apps + tech.
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  4. 🎬 On my social media channels like TikTok and YouTube, I make videos about nursing/healthcare, entrepreneurship, parenting, tech, and lifestyle. 

Get in Touch

  1. ⚡️ Instagram – If you’ve got a short question or message (<250 characters), please DM me on IG @theayansaid and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. 📨 Email – If you’d like to send a longer message, please email me. I read 100% of emails and will get back to you as soon as I can!