Notes on “Content Creation Is A SPORT | How to Grow As A Creative” by Notes on Mario Devon

I watched a wonderful YouTube video today by Mario Devon that discussed approaching content creation like a sport and how this mindset can help creators improve their craft and grow as artists. And if we want to be creators, artists, entrepreneurs – anything truly, you must be willing to create. To share with the world because it’s a privilege to take our talents, our gifts, to express ourselves and to share it with the world.

Highlights from the video

Treat content creation like a sport: Just like athletes who train and practice to get better, creators need to be just as dedicated in their craft and consistent in their practice. In order to do this, develop a solid a routine that helps you improve consistently

“There’s no right or wrong way to create content, so find what makes you unique and authentic.”

Mario Devon

Example: Michael Jordan and Tom Brady prioritize consistent training and practice to maintain their performance at a peak level. Creators need to have the same mindset as athletes. Artists must dedicate time and effort to honing their craft through consistent creation.

Develop your play style: There are many different editing styles and approaches to content creation. Create the content, find out your style and what works best for you, then refine it over time to develop your own distinct and personal style. [02:11]

Example: YouTubers Peter McKinnon (known for his cinematic and educational editing style) and Josh Yoh (known for his fast-paced and energetic edits) and how they’ve created their own, distinct, and well-known style.

“Just like any athlete trains their body, you need to train your creative mind.” –

Mario Devon

Healthy competition is good: Learning from and being inspired by other creators can push you to improve your own skills. [03:41]

Example: Devon mentioned that when sees other creators he admires doing something well like an editing technique or style of photography, it motivates him to learn from them and improve his own content.

Quote: “Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and you’ll constantly be growing.”

– Anonymous

Embrace failure: Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things because failing is part of the learning process. You’re not your failures, failures are just a part of your journey – learn from them and come back stronger next time. [06:21]

Example: Devon talks about learning from his own mistakes, such as a video concept that didn’t resonate with his audience. He emphasizes that failure is a natural part of the learning process in content creation.

“Love the game, appreciate the game, and respect the game.”


Remember your “why” and that initial spark: It’s easy to get bogged down in the business side of things. Don’t forget the passion and joy that initially drove you to create content – remember that special moment. Do things creatively that you enjoy because client work can sometimes be boring so do things that give you a spark in between, things that made you fall in love with the process. This will help keep you close to the art [13:31]

Example: Devon reflected on his early days taking photos with friends – just because he enjoyed the process, and the lightness of the activity. It’s important to reconnect with that initial passion that drives creativity, and to be close to that joy.

“Do it for the love of it – love it and it will love you back.”

-Mario Devon

Create space to make the content you want to make: Carve out a spot somewhere for a dedicated space to create – this space primes you for content development.

Disconnect to reconnect: Disconnecting from social media from time to time is equally as important – this the recovery portion of the sport. Recovery (removing the distractions) will help you focus on your work and will the reduce the need for constant comparison

Create a positive environment: Surround yourself with positive and supportive people – these special people should challenge you to be your best and help you stay motivated along with cheering you on.

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