My dad

Do you ever wonder where an initial interest of yours started? When did that spark first initiate? Today I’m reflecting on when the kindle of entrepreneurship was first lit inside of me.

My dad was the first person I knew that started his own business. My family and I first came to America in the early 90’s and we eventually settled in Fresno where he pursued his MBA from Fresno State. He became an accountant at a large bank after he graduated but like many other immigrants, he got the entrepreneurial itch. After my dad got a few years of experience under his belt, he moved our family to Seattle, WA with the hope of starting a business.

As I examine that time period now, it was interesting seeing him transition from employee to self-employed. As a kid, his experience as an entrepreneur wasn’t something I thought deeply about, but now that I have my own business and have made a similar transition, I’ve come to appreciate his experiences. His bravery and grit is something that should be lauded – he went from a highly secure job at a company that has been around for decades to moving his entire family of 5 to an entirely new state to start a business in an area he had zero experience in.

Truly remarkable.

And a little insane – a characteristic all entrepreneurs share.

When you’re young, you don’t often or are unable to truly appreciate the sacrifice and fortitude parents go through to build a better life for their family despite the odds and the magnitude of risk.. That is until we’re a lot older, until we have our kids, go through our own challenges or achieve personal successes and milestones – this reflection has allowed me to feel closer to him, and to appreciate what we he went through. I also feel a little closer to him – knowing our entrepreneurial paths have been similar.

Thank you, Dad.

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