This month for me has been a time of creation & simplicity.

I started with an overhaul of my website. This involved updating the theme and colors. Although I know I’ll be changing in the near future, I’m not striving for perfection because perfection leads to inaction and the inability to learn.

One area I’ll be focusing on this year is implementing the lean methodology in all aspects of this project. Imposing restrictions and keeping a mindset based on minimalism throughout this process will be really interesting. I’m implementing this because one of my weaknesses is overthinking and being stuck in a strategizing loop. Strategizing is so fun, but things don’t get done. It makes you feel like you’re getting something done, but you’re not. I wonder if this is my brains way of protecting me from the unknown? It might be. I’m feeling a little apprehensive, but nothing will hold me back.

After the website overhaul, I updated my Instagram bio. I made a profile and used Canva to create an avatar for the Both are free versions. So far the only payments made is purchase of my URL from Google domains and web hosting from Siteground about a year ago.

I started with IG because it was easiest. To create my IG bio, I looked at my favorite creators and took bits and pieces of what I liked. I tried to use the same words on all platforms to keep everything consistent for SEO. LinkedIn is another beast I haven’t fully tackled yet because it’ll take a little bit more time to update my profile. My hypothesis is that’s where I’ll be getting the highest ROI. I also worked on updating a few things on Google Analytics and ensuring it’s working on this specific website.

What I’ll be focused on the rest of this month is creating content more frequently – something I’m really excited about!

The owner of this blog is a woman and she is sitting on a chair resting her head on her hand, posing and smiling for photo.
Photoshoot at Tea Fresco in Chandler, AZ courtesy of the amazing ladies at FemForce Photoshoots

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