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I recently watched Alex Hormozi on Chris Williamson’s Modern Wisdom and I loved the episode so much I listened to it twice. I’m working on developing my critical thinking, note taking, and actually implementing things that I learn so they don’t go to waste.

You can check out the notes below, hope you find them helpful!

1. Choosing Regrets and Self-Improvement

  1. Regret
    • “In life, we must choose our regrets.” – Douglas Williams
    • Choose between the regret of pursuing or not pursuing; use it as a decision-making framework to overcome fear.
  2. Working Hard
    • Evaluate your efforts: Can you confidently say you did your best?
    • Define metrics for success, like being able to say, “There’s nothing else I could’ve done in that situation.”

2. Pursuit of Excellence and Dedication

  1. Pursuit of Excellence Like an Athlete
    • Approach goals and skills like an athlete.
    • Emulate athletes’ dedication, including performance review, nutrition, sleep, and seeking guidance.
  2. Becoming a Pro – The Art of War
    • Referencing “The Art of War,” distinguish between amateurs and professionals.
    • Professionals commit full-time, master techniques, and persist despite fear.

3. Preparation and Self-Esteem

  • “The difference between being nervous and being excited about something is the level of preparation.”
  • Your self-esteem is determined by your own judgment, not others’ opinions.

4. Selective Excellence

  1. Choosing Areas of Excellence
    • Life is short; prioritize areas where you want to excel.
    • Measure progress in hundreds of hours to set the standard for mastery.
    • Emphasize the importance of consistency, e.g., producing 300 pieces of content weekly.
  2. Saying No
    • Time is valuable; learn to say no more often to stay focused.

5. Pain and Transformation

  • “Heroes and villains have the same backstory – pain. The difference is what they choose to do about it.”
  • Heroes use pain to prevent harm, while villains are consumed by it.
  • Painful instances can lead to disproportionate personal growth.
  • Challenge yourself, endure struggles, and push beyond your limits to build resilience.

6. Decisions and Stress

  • “The heaviest things in life aren’t iron or gold; they’re decisions.”
  • Stress often arises from procrastinating important decisions.

7. Life/Mindfulness/Self Love

  • True happiness comes from being fully present.
  • Aim to have a certain number of moments of mindful presence each day.
  • Self-love means holding oneself to a higher standard.
  • Take control of self-esteem, self-love, and personal success.
  • Reflect on what makes a day meaningful, such as working hard, spending time with loved ones, and staying active.

8. Freedom and Assertiveness

  • “What’s the point of having ‘fuck you’ freedom if you never say ‘fuck you’?” – George
  • Enjoy the rewards of your efforts; assert yourself when necessary.

9. On Haters and Empathy

  • “The cynics get to be right; the optimists get to be rich.”
  • Haters may signify you’re doing something right.
  • “It’s hard to hate from up close.” & “To understand is to forgive.”
  • Try to understand others’ perspectives; it’s challenging to hate when you empathize.

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