Update + Google Workspace Magic

Screenshot of an incredibly rudimentary checklist I put together for myself to stay organized while I work to get the rest of my site/personal brand set up

Got a few things accomplished this week – yay!

Although I’m trying to be cost effective in getting everything set up for my personal brand, one of the things I believe is important is to have a professional email with my domain main instead of @gmail.com. It’s such a simple and minuscule thing but it makes such a big difference in terms of being viewed as professional. I wouldn’t skimp on this. I chose Google instead of other platforms like Microsoft because we used Outlook/Microsoft at Navi and it wasn’t user friendly. I also use Google in my personal life so keeping everything on one platform makes sense. Don’t make things harder for yourself.


I was able to get my email set up through Google Workspace using a discount code my hosting platform Siteground provided. The amount came out to be $9.60 per month for the standard business version. There is a less expensive starter package but I heavily utilize Google apps in a business setting and tend to run out of space quickly.

Odds + Ends

A few other things I was able to complete was purchasing theayansaid.com, uploading a website theme (free), and tying up a few loose ends such as ensuring analytics was running correctly on the admin side as well as on my website.


What’s taking longest for me is editing my website and getting content up on the landing page & a few other pages. Inspo is Notion. I love the clean aesthetic combined with the goofiness of emojis, so dope. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell – profesh in the streets + goof in the suites.

BRB changing my LinkedIn tagline.

But for real, I’m trying my best to keep things concise because one of my weaknesses is overthinking. My goal this year is to try to improve my processing and output time – wheeeeeew that’ll be a will be a lifelong journey for sure but LFGO 🚀

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  1. Thank you this resonates it does truly help especially as a person who overthinks.
    A rough honest reflection of the past 3 years in business is a lot of action and activity creating content, interviews, editing and working on my website. I found I was offering tons of content and resources but not much tangible that a person can buy.
    Thank you for sharing your insights

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