Does this sound like your healthcare organization?

You can’t retain your TOP people or top nursing talent

You’re ALWAYS putting out fires

Your staff is BURNED OUT

Your facility is LOSING $$$$$$

Patient outcomes are SUBPAR

You’ve tried everything without lasting results – let us help. We know healthcare.

At company name, we use the power of strong internal communities to help you address and fix retention and fostering a positive work environment – aligning you with Magnet Criteria.

With our community building services, your organization will:

  • Save money
  • Have happy nurses + happy patients
  • Recruit top talent faster, better & easier
  • Support your burned out leaders
  • Align your organization to achieve Magnet Model recognition


Our community building program is developed by and designed for hospital executives, leaders, HR & clinicians. We partner with you & your healthcare leaders to develop a community strategy that aligns with your hospital’s unique culture and goals using our Community Framework:

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  • Community Strategy Development: We work collaboratively with your leadership team to define your vision, set goals, and develop a customized strategy for building a strong internal community.
  • Platform Implementation: Finding the right online platform is essential. We assist in selecting and implementing a user-friendly platform that fosters communication, collaboration, and employee recognition.
  • Engagement Programs: From peer-to-peer recognition programs to team-building activities, we create and execute engaging initiatives that boost morale and keep your staff connected.
  • Leadership Development Training:¬†We equip leaders with the skills and knowledge to create a supportive environment, foster community within their teams, and empower staff to reach their full potential.
  • And MORE

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About Us:

Our founders, Erika Frazer and Ayan Said, registered nurses with 20+ years of clinical + business expertise, understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by healthcare organizations. Our team brings a wealth of experience in building healthcare communities, leadership development, operations and more.

Erika Frazer


Ayan Said