How To Make Strategic Content To Monetize Your Passion

I watched one of Gary V’s 4D’s videos and was blown away by the incredible takeaways. I jotted some notes down on things struck me and will absolutely implement when thinking about marketing and content creation.

  • Content:
    • Tell your business story – don’t be scared of big people stealing your stuff, they’re slow. Share your story and behind the scenes.
    • Make more content on what you want to monetize
    • Types of content:
      • You’re human and you’re multifaceted – you can have multiple interests and post, but be strategic about it. Content has to be strong
    • Ideas:
      • “What flyfishing taught me about business” – we need connection to people. We’re constantly scrolling, so an interesting title like this more likely to get a click
      • If you love a piece of content and it didn’t do well when you posted it – change the thumbnail, title & repost it 4 weeks/6 weeks, 3 months later. Mr Breast reportedly spent $100k on thumbnails – on another level
      • Research/content idea – call every single person that unsubscribed and ask them why – record that interaction and post it 
      • Use greenscreen for content – review articles and add your input
    • Frequency: Post more not just once a week 
  • General advice:
    • What content should I make? Written, video, audio, etc
      • If you’re good at video – Lean into video and get it transcribed easily. This is how GV wrote all of his books
    • On being weary about content you’re producing, weary about giving false data, etc. Our culture is big on academia & under believing reality – we’re humans.. it’s ok to have an oppinion, it’s ok to be wrong when new science comes out. No ones going to remember you did 9 different videos on 9 different things, make more content.
      • New data, new decisions.. new life situations, new decisions.. You can always change your mind
      • To get more people to consider you you need to talk about more things – everything evolves even publications 
  • Paid ads:
    • Run ads after things go viral 
  • Platforms:
    • B2b – GV says b2b probably not tiktok, more linkedin
      • Pushback – Recently have seen on tiktok that top comments on viral videos are from social media accounts of big brands 
    • Youtube shorts – it’s clunky because it’s early but utilize it. Tip: when you title your video to get posted on shorts, title it for how it would be searched. YT is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world
      • Ex: if you have a light video on filing taxes, title it “how to file your taxes for 2023” because it will come up on searches. Very powerful

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