around & between

seeing your space, intervened by another

someone else’s warmth. it felt important to release. the safety, it was never on when our relationship halted. when our relationship faulted.

what happened between us? the space – 17 years of us, our space, blurred. permeated, slow released negative space – emptied, a window fog I couldn’t read the words any longer.

the fog cleared eventually. the space released, safely

it ached for a bit.

Actually, It was painful as fuck. A sharp pain, referred pain, the heart or was it the head? full body contorting, a movement, dispersing thoughtfully guiding, signaling the distress to it’s last waltz from the heart piece the head piece – wherever it originated from

now signaling healing.

I feel immense relief. Intense.

Encapsulated by another’s warmth.

Not yours.

Not ours anymore.

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